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                   Me at my work bench.                                                   "Wheless" Coat of Arms.                                                                                    2008 Chrysler 300C SRT-8.


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                              VIEWS, OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES      

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                    Thumbs DOWN Section

                    Here I'm going to write about some rather unpleasant experiences
                            that I have encountered with people AND businesses.... 


1 - POWER PORTED PERFORMANCE - These guys are terrible, they are good at
taking your money but they do NOT know what they are doing.  Don't be sucked in by fast talking
 JS or TT.  These guys are really bad. The install took about twice as long than they said, all of
the parts did not fit correctly, AND the car would hardly run at all much less an increase in power. 
After a bunch of hassles, at my own expense, I removed the system and returned it to PPP and,
you guessed it, did not get any refund at all.  They tried to smooth the fiasco over by sending me
 a Road Warrior cam but my experience with them was so bad I could not trust the cam to be
correct and gave it away. I have had a very unpleasant experience with Power Ported Performance
and Creative Turbo Systems. Power Ported Performance & Creative Turbo Systems try to tell you
that they “want you to be 100% satisfied” with their work,  but it’s not true. Power Ported
Performance & Creative Turbo Systems only want your money, do very inferior work and have
no idea of what customer satisfaction or customer service is all about.
I made the mistake of trusting Power Ported Performance & Creative Turbo Systems with a brand
new Chrysler 300C, SRT-8 for supply and installation of ported heads, intake and a turbo system.
 Power Ported Performance or Creative Turbo Systems will try to tell you that my system was a
 “pre-production” unit........ not true. I know for a fact that Power Ported Performance or Creative
Turbo Systems had built and installed at least two other turbo systems prior to mine. When Power
 Ported Performance or Creative Turbo Systems were done, my car ran really terrible. The
 transmission did not shift correctly, and the engine sputtered, missed and at one point about 10
days after install, I thought it would leave me stranded because it ran so bad. During the install
process they did NOT use any precautions to protect the new condition of the car (such as fender
 blankets....) and at one point opened the drivers door slamming it into part of the lift... Also during
the three day ordeal (it was planned to take only one and one half days), when Power Ported
Performance or Creative Turbo Systems drained the engine oil they put it in an open container
where trash and any other debris could contaminate it. They did put in new oil after several hints
and request to do so. During the couple of weeks following the install I experienced several engine
and electronic error codes, one of which was related to the “break system.” The car ran so bad that
after about 2 weeks I removed the turbo system and advised Power Ported Performance or Creative
Turbo Systems that I wanted to return said system for a refund. They agreed to the return and said
they would evaluate all parts and then refund. When the turbo was removed the error codes went
away, including the one for the breaking system and the car ran great once again. During the
 un-install, I found several components that were incorrectly put in, such as clamps on the exhaust
 system (vibrating against the body) and one of the nuts that secure the exhaust down tube (cats)
 to the exhaust manifold was only put on about half way. It was not even finger tight!! Power Ported
 Performance or Creative Turbo Systems agreed to the return of the turbo system and a refund,
 however, after many calls and email messages I am still out the turbo system AND the money.
At one point I even ask Power Ported Performance or Creative Turbo Systems to just return the
 turbo system to me if they were not going to issue a refund. I received NO reply to that request. In
 the last communication Power Ported Performance or Creative Turbo Systems said “in about a
week, when we are done with a 5.7l install, we will send you a check...”  Finally, I did receive a
check for only $1000, although they agreed to send $3000.  ALL IN ALL, Power Ported Performance